need help on a RGB Spire

hello all i have a few attiny85 chips i figure out recently how to program it using a uno i found a cool video on youtube with RGB leds and the Atiny85 chip the problem I'm having is i don't have a 3 batery holder for 4.5v i have 2 coin cell battery holders for a total of 6v would that hurt the attiny85 chip being that high up i know 5v works good on it but not sure of 6v can someone help me out?


Either you find a 5V regulator with near zero drop-out voltage, or you can put a silicon power diode in series with the battery to drop the voltage by 0.6V.

Also provides reverse polarity protection.

It would be easier to get that 3 x AA or AAA holder! Another option would be a lithium-based battery. They are normally 3.7V and some are AA size. You will need a special charger. Either of the above will last far longer than button cells.

Another interesting component you could try is called a FULL STOP! :wink:

hello thank you for the reply back the reason why is because I'm limited on space i have small 4 feet under it and the pcb board is 5.7cm with the rgb and the atiny85 chip and resistors for the leds is why I'm asking this.

Have a look at this for your power regulation, it's a boost and buck regulator and very small:-

Problem with that is I'm limited on space noting below it will work so what i found is a 3 AAA battery pack that haves mouting holes i mounted it to the pcb baord.and that works so it's 4.65 volts from my meter. so that works.