Need Help on idea!

Hi all,

I have got this idea where a unit is placed on top of a worktop and the user inputs a required distance into a keypad and the unit moves along the worktop until the distance is met.
I am new to Arduino and fairly new to coding but I understand and learn quickly.

Is this project feasible.. if not how can it be achieved similarly



To know if the job is feasible you need to supply a bit more info like...
How accurate must the move distance be to? Are we talking to the cm, mm or less.
What type of surface? Smooth/rough slippery/grippy etc.
Will it be dragging/pushing something or is it autonomous?
Straight line move?
Maybe other questions :wink:

okay it would need to be very accurate so mm if not then cm. the unit would be attached to a bar that is just above the worktop as it will be used to measure a worktop and then someone would cut it.
I guess it would be autonomous

Is it possible that the device is attached to a screwed rod and the rotation of the rod is used both for movement and measurement - like the slide on a lathe. It could be very simple and very accurate.

Another possibility might be to move it with a toothed belt and have it slide along a smooth rod or similar.

In both cases a stepper motor could be used to give very high accuracy. The Thread stepper motor basics may be of interest.


Hi Thanks for the advice i will have a look at this..
any idea about how you would go about setting up a keypad for the set distance?


any idea about how you would go about setting up a keypad for the set distance?

Try Google - keypads are a frequent requirement.