Need help on Motors

I'm a student doing a school project, I basically want to rotate a burette cork with a Arduino and a motor, So I need low Rpm and high torque (probably with the help of a gear box). Thinking of using steppers, but I'm completely new to motors, can someone give me suggestions on what to use?
Plus i'm thinking of adding more gears on the motor, so I wouldn't need that much torque.

You need numbers for torque and speed, once you know the numbers you select a device
that provides at least that value.

You've not said if the device needs any overload protection (torque limiting).

A servo may be better suited for the task if you can find one with the required torque. A stepper has no idea of its position, a servo does. A stepper may need to be "homed" before use so that there is a "zero" reference. Servos do not need homed. Servos are geared down quite a bit so a small motor can provide a lot of torque.

Back-and-forth rotation: use a servo.

Continuous rotation (more than 270 degrees) then use a stepper. Depending on torque a gearbox is not normally required.