Need help on my first robot

Hi I am building a robot as my 60th birthday present to my self just want to know if my ideas will work and pointing in the right direction.
I want the control station to be an arduino uno with a PlayStation controller to use wireless to control the robot
The robot would have a mega board controlling two ESCs and various sensors and sevos.
I need the setup to be simple if possible and to easily be able to say what button controls what.
If it has been done before could you point me in the right direction please.
Also cost is a major issue so if you can point me to which bits i need and where to get them it would me a great help

Might be best for you to search google and youtube to find a bot very similar to what you want ("a picture is worth a thousand words"), then post links to that bot. Then you will be closer to being able to post specific questions about the bot you are building.

What kind of robot are you building?