need help on my project rc car controlled via bluetooth

guys pls help me :o :o :o all is done, the circuits, the wirings.

when i test my program and the circuit, its okay its working, there is a 9v battery connected to the circuit and the arduino is connected to the pc

the big big problem that ive been facing the past three months and i still couldnt find a solution :confused: :confused: is this…

when i remove the cable from arduino to the pc , the bluetooth get disconnected :o :o ,so i cant control my car :frowning: ,but i connect the arduino to the pc again, it works fine ,
i try to add separate 9v battery for two motors and for arduino but still, when i open the app and connect to the bluetooth , after 1-2seconds it get disconnected pls help

voice.ino (1.46 KB)

I think you have this in the wrong forum.

A 9V battery is a terrible battery for powering motors. You need a better battery pack.

When you use it with the PC, the USB power keeps your Arduino happy. When you power it from the battery alone the motors cause the voltage of the battery to drop which can cause the Arduino to reset and/or the Bluetooth module may have power issues.

Get a better battery pack. Five AA NIMH may do the job but since we have no idea how much current the motors draw I can't be sure.

Tell us more about the motors.