Need help on one idea

Hi to all.Sorry for my English.
I need help,ive got idea for a little project.Im working in automotive service mostly we do suspension.
I`ve thinking to get some microphones or piezo. and stick them to some parts. and whatch oscilogram or something like that while drive.and see whitch pars vibrate or make noice.Can someone give me some idea to start. Thanks :slight_smile:

Use an oscilloscope.

In the old days, a multi-channel "transient recorder" was used to measure and record car vibrations.
I know the term "Storage Scope", but the term "ScopeCorder" is new to me : Yokogawa Measurement Technologies Ltd - ScopeCorder adds real-time power analysis
You could also use a audio input of a laptop to record data.

The subject is not easy. You need professional equipment for an accurate result. If you use a microphone or piezo, then the microphone or piezo might have a oscillation peak frequency itself, perhaps in combination with the mechanical way it is attached to the car.

The cheapest way is perhaps a laptop with a number of usb sound cards.

It got to be portable, and i`ll need between 5and 9 inputs. Maybe logic analizer?

A logic analyser will only tell you if a channel is high or low at any given time.

What sort of bandwidth do you expect from each of your sensors?

im not sure.i think i need to have at least 5,6 sensors on different parts and when some broken part make a noyze its go over on all the sensors, i have to compare the input oscilograma and see where is the highest noize.

would an accelator sensor like they use on mobile phones work?

i`ve thinking but no because we need to drive,and whatch live oscilograma and compare the difference inputs , i think the best will be microphones.

Perhaps a bandwith of 1Hz to 10kHz ? Itโ€™s just a guess.

A laptop with a number of usb sound cards is possible.
But a usb oscilloscope is a lot better :
I think the Logic 8 has 8 analog inputs. The input voltage of 0 to 5V is a problem. You need amplifiers for each channel. Perhaps there are other brands with more analog gain settings.

If you donโ€™t need a usb oscilloscope anymore, you can sell it.