Need Help on picking up a arduino controller

Hello All:

I am a college student in ME major. I am doing my senior design which has a motor for my device. And now, I need to pick a controller to control the motor.
I have no clue how this thing works, and which product should I go for.

The device I am making is a simple drilling tool, I have bought a simple DC motor, and I just need to pick a controller to control the speed of it from slow to fast spinning. I want the controller to have a switch as a light dimmer switch. for example, the speed of the spinning will go faster as I gradually pushing the switch up.

(Here is the link of the motor I bought : Metal DC Geared Motor w/Encoder - 12V 251RPM

Please advice which Arduino product should I move forward and do I need to buy the switch separately?


If you actually only want to control the power to a motor via a control knob, then an arduino is overkill.

look for power controllers like here:

In order to pick the right one, you'll have to study the technical data. (It's after all a study assignment :slight_smile:

All the best

I am a college student in ME major.

Have you got any EE friends? A tiny bit of hands-on help with the electronics will be a BIG help to you.

Is the motor turning in one direction or do you need forward and reverse?