Need help on selecting the right board for project

Hi I am a college student working on a project and would like some help on which board I should choose. I am more of a mechanical guy but am very interested in learning more. I do have a decent amount of coding experience.

Project requirements: USB connector to computer 5-6 stepper motors (TBD) 1 servo (TBD) 1 heating element (resistor) 1 thermistor

I know this is pretty generic but I am trying to determine if I should be using a RasPI board or arduino. etc.


An Uno can control all of those things, though you won't have very many spare pins. You'll need external hardware though - power supply, stepper motor drivers, transistor or relay to drive the heating element, resistor to make a voltage divider so you can read the thermistor.


As said before, an Arduino Uno should be able to accommodate your requirements nicely, you can find most, if not all of the external hardware (drivers, etc) available neatly as add-on shields.

I would also like to point out that for experimentation, the Arduino Uno has a very good feature no other Arduino has, it's micro-controller is removable, as in, if you fry the controller by doing something (very) stupid, you can cheaply replace it instead of replacing the whole board, no soldering, it also has the most wide-spread support.

However, if you need extensibility to expand that project, you should go for an Arduino Mega2560, if you need higher processing power that the average (kinda measly) Arduino, go for the Due, but if I were you, I'd use the Uno.


Thanks! Uno here I come

You may find stepper motor basics useful; - stuff you should know before you spend money.