Need help on using "ancs" (Apple Notification Center Service) sketch

In the Arduino Primo section of the Examples provided in the IDE Peripheral is a sketch called "ancs". IDE 1.8.2. There is very little documentation provided with the sketch and the reference provided is way over the head of most newbies (including me; I tried to figure how it relates but sadly it just inspires more questions than answers. Why do they write these documents so "general"; they should at least provide an example or two).

My guess of what the sketch would allow me to do was to see when emails or other notifications were sent to my iPhone. When I run the sketch, I do see that it connected (blue light comes on, serial port text says connected) with my iPhone Bluetooth but that (and when it disconnects) are the only notifications I get.

The bluetooth setting screen on my iPhone says the device is Arduino ANCS, but my Android phone just says ANCS. So the command "blePeripheral.setDeviceName("Arduino ANCS");" in the sketch works properly with Apple iPhone but not the Android phone.

My Android phone connects and bonds, then quickly disconnects whereas my iPhone just connects and stays connected but does nothing else (I do not get any notifications from email activity, etc.) The ANCS documentation on the web says nothing about bonding. What's with that?

I am assuming, given the code I see in the sketch, that more (than I am seeing) notification activity is possible.

Please provide any words of wisdom to help me get this sketch to do what it was meant to do (whatever that is). Do I need to add code in the sketch to do anything else? Any special procedures required to enable the sketch operation and provide an idea of what the sketch can and cannot do.