Need Help on Wireless

The project I'm working on involves reading the status of a switch (on or off) and sending its state via Twitter. I've got the Twitter part working on an Arduino Uno with an Ethernet shield near my router located at one end of my house. Now what I want to do is locate the switch at a distance of about 80 feet from the hardwired Arduino/Ethernet in the interior of my house. I really don't want to run wire unless I run out of options. I've been looking at several wireless options: xbee, wifi, other RF solutions, but I'm having difficulty figuring out the simplest approach that will handle the 80-foot distance. My general idea is to have an Arduino with radio transmitter at the switch end, and have a radio receiver on my Arduino/Ethernet shield that is connected to my router. Is this the best way to go?

Alternatively, my Wifi does extend to the "switch" location, but I've only read awful things about the Arduino Wifi Shield. I do have an Arduino Yun on order, but it seems like overkill for an app like this.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

Arduino Yun on order

The yun maybe over kill but it works out as about the cheapest option!.
Cost out the others!.

You could use the wireless/sd shield with a WiFly module in place of the Xbee.


Thanks Mark. My Yun just arrived so I'll start fiddling.