need help planning arduino controlled green house

I need help control a vast amount of sensors, led and relays. I need a arduino board to be hooked up to a laptop and controlled by it.

first I need arduino to control the temperature of a incubation chamber. this would consist of a temperature sensor and a relay connected to a portable heater. when the temperature drops below 85 degrees F arduino would switch the relay to turn on the heater and heat up the room after the temp reached 85 again the relay would turn off the heater.

second I would need arduino to control the humidity of the green house. which would consist of a humidity sensor capable of reading 95+ relative humidity which would be check every couple of minutes, if the humidity dropped below a certain point it would switch on/off a humidifier attached to a relay. this would also need a temperature sensor connected to a relay with a heater.

third I need arduino to turn on a large string of led's for a set time limit every couple of hours.

now my question how would I make this set up and what materials would I need and any suggestions on cheap sensors and what arduino would be best suited for this along with how would I attach this to a computer which then control this and the status of the sensors can be monitored and controlled online

third I need

Depending on just how "Vast" the arrays are you might want to think about splitting the project up into a few different control systems, maybe one in and one out or something of that nature? Or group sensors to their actuators and and then just relay the data for the ouput LED's. If the LED's don't need to be independently controlled the best option might be to externally power them and put them on a relay as well. (I'm not sure if the LED's are indicators or grow lights).

In terms of sensors... this guy ( is about the best bang for your buck prototyping if your interested in relative humidity in the air. If your interested in ground humidity I have another solution I'll gladly detail for you if you're interested.

In terms on online control, just use It's out of stock atm but that won't remain for long. Also it removes the need for a base PC which is nice. You could look into xBee wireless solutions as well if you wanted to put it outside or somewhere away from a computer but still use it to host data. Read p on processing if you want to go that route as it's a fairly easy way to setup remote access to sensor data.

Good luck!

are you cultivating shrooms? :)

ive been thinking along these lines too, although it was a long time since i did actually grow something. if i where you id go with a ethernet shield instead of a laptop, cheaper and easier imo. the arduino can control everything you want by itself and the the ethernet shield running a simple webserver can be accessed via any remote compuer or say your celphone to check on sensor readings or turn on or of certain relays manualy if that is what you want.

some kind of relaybord might be a good idea if you dont want to build a lot of your own circuits, sensors usualy dont need so much extra circuitry.

what kind of humidifyer do you have? if i where you id ad a capasitive sensor in the tank so you can see when the water is running low.

what ever you are up to it seems like a cool project, and im looking forward to following it here on the forum!

no, im growing tropical plants in the midwest but thats the kind of set up I would like.

being able to read currant temperatures and other readings online and control the motors to all of the heaters and humidifiers online.

I am new electronic prototyping so any help is greatly appreciated!

I just want to connect 3 sensors and 3 relays to arduino that can be controled over the internet.


2 temp sensors 1 relative humidity sensor