Need help please!

I'm trying to figure out how to make a wireless audio transmitter (not fm it's to much noise); to use it and connect my guitars with the amplifier. I took out the antennas from a linsys router. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

How is this an Arduino question?

not fm it's to much noise

Then what sort of modulation then? FM is the lowest noise modulation you can get.
By FM do you actually mean Frequency Modulation or are you actually incorrectly using this term as a way of defining the frequency range of the transmitter?

What country are you in? The rules on what sort of transmitter you are permitted to build are very different in different parts of the world. Most places any sort of useful transmitter is illegal to build.

How is this an Arduino question?

It's not an Arduino question at all.

Sorry guys I'm new using Arduino and working with electonics. I have experience coding but I'm learning now about Arduino and its capabilities. I bought an fm trasmirer for my guitars and it sounds really bad. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm just looking for a little bit of help. I also bought the whole Arduino kit. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

We can only help if you tell us what country you are in.

IP address says "USA"

Sorry yes USA. Why is this ilegal here?

It is illegal most places. In the USA it is legal to make your own transmitter but it has to be on specific bands with a micro power that will not be useful to you. Attached are the regulations from the FCC.

Making a transmitter is not a simple job and you need a lot of skill and quite expensive test equipment to make sure you have everything right.

The Arduino can have no part in the transmitter, that is not how transmitters work.

It will be way cheaper to buy a better quality wireless sender for your guitars.

FCC regs for self build transmitters.pdf (911 KB)