Need Help PLEASE


A bit of a fair warning: i'm a total noob! Please help.

Here's what i am wanting to build: An array of sensors that can detect the following: 1. lux and ideally spectral power distribution 2. humidity and temperature 3. water level (float sensor?) 4. CO2 5. PH 6. Mass

I need help selecting compatible components and a micro controller board. I'd like to have Wifi and BLE function for data retrieval. Ideally, I'd want to create an APP to access and control some of the sensors via WiFi/BLE.

Really hoping that someone can at least help point me in the right direction!

Thank you!!!

A wise total noob wouldn't even think of building that before going through a bunch of examples in the IDE. He/she then would tackle one problem (sensor) at the time, untill he/she understood it all, before trying to combine just two sensors in one sketch. Leo..

Thank you for the response, clearly I am not a wise total noob. Looking for help on just getting started, one sensor at a time is a good approach. What board would you recommend? clearly I am not a wise total noob.

But you will get there!

What board would you recommend?

I always start with the ones that have tutorials, either by the board manufacturer of ones I find with google.

The other day I was working on a model train controller. I had a lot working, and I needed to add a potentiometer to allow me to adjust a delay in the running. First thing I did was look up a pot tutorial and print values to the serial monitor. Then I added it in to the rest of the project. What board would you recommend?

Always start with the bike with the training wheels. Your first board should be an Uno. Maybe one included in a sensor pack. It will take a while before you gain so many skills that you need a bigger one. Then you still can use the Uno to test small projects. Leo..