need help plz

Hello world i am new to arduino and having a problem with my lcd , i manage to make someone 's temperature controller load on my mega2560 with 2,4 lcd shield like he had but the lcd just doesnt show the menu it lights up but stays black can someone help? plz thanks in advance

bon_controle_hydro.ino (8.43 KB)


hey thxs for the fast reply well think your right hes is SPFD5408 TFT LCD 2.4 mine says tft 8kj654 on it but the pins are placed the same ?

nope mine ncufriend


It sounds like you have the same LCD that I do. After much searching, this instructable works great along with the modification that VicrantT comments with.


define YP A3

define XM A2

define YM 9

define XP 8

AND in touchscreen.cpp rather than return TSPoint (1023-x,1023-y,z) change it to return TSPoint (1100-x,1043-y,z) for better results!

Hey thx alot i will go try this right now