NEED HELP - Pressure Sensor Piezo Buzzer Alarm

this is my last resort, been researching for awhile now and can NOT find a reliable instruction base for building a project.

needs to set off a piezo buzzer when pressure is detected

I have the buzzer, wires, potentiometers, lcd screen, pressure sensor, soldering kit, arduino uno, breadboards

this would be easy for you folks on here please advise me

What have you got working so far?

Advice? Start by getting one thing working, like blinking an LED. Then move on to the next step, making a noise with a buzzer. Then, wire and upload code that will tell you the output of a potentiometer. Then go to the next device. Get everything working by themselves, then start putting everything together into one. By the time you get to the last step, you will have learned enough to get your project working.

But I will tell you the biggest secret secret that no other beginner knows, use Google!

The reason you haven't got a response until now is because you made this thread in the wrong section. I don't know why you scrolled all the way down, passing all the sections that would have gotten you a faster response.