Need help programming a circuit 50 dollars

Hello friends,

I am looking for someone to help me with this programming

Component list

Arduino Nano
16x2 LCD
Push button
2X 3 wire solenoid
limit switch
adjustable voltage step down
10k Pot
2 solid state relays

The way I want it to work is, when the limit switch is closed.(high) it activates 2 solenoids to spray liquids. When limit switch is low the solenoid stops. The limit switch(input) also puts a count on the LCD. The LCD keeps count no matter if the system is power cycled. There is also a push button that can be press to reset the count to 0. I also would like to use a buzzer to go on for 30 seconds after every 1000 triggers. Another key thing is I need the potentiometer to adjust the PWM of the solenoids, so while the trigger is high the solenoid will pulse on_off. Which I can adjust using the potentiometer.

There are some assumptions being made that I don't think are correct. For instance, what the solid state relay(s) control is immaterial. Therefore, the comment that the potentiometer controls the PWM signal to the solenoids is wrong. It controls the PWM signal to the relay.

If you get the solenoids out of the picture, since they are a wiring issue only, you need to count switch presses, store that value in EEPROM, read a potentiometer, write to the LCD, and write to the relays. None of that is remotely challenging, once you have the LCD and switches wired up.

Of course, your description of the state of the switches means that you need external resistors and unnecessarily complicated wiring. Using the internal pullup resistors, and allowing for LOW == pressed, simplifies the wiring (connect one leg to ground and the other leg to a digital pin). The actual behavior of the program is not affected, and therefore the wiring should not be part of the code requirements. The code should define how the switch is to be wired.

Thats correct so can you do it?

can you do it?

I could. I'm not particularly interested, but if you don't get any other offers, PM me. Assuming, of course, that you can get the LCD wired so that you can write text to it, and you provide that sketch, so I know what pins it uses.

1000 triggers

In what time you expect to happen 1000 of triggers? EEPROM has limited write count (i.e. 100,000). With higher numbers some wear leveling should be considered or other solution.