Need help programming arduino

I simply don't have time to program it, but I'm building a hardware rig that I would like to use it on. I would like to pay someone a fair (but not too $$$$) price to program an arduino for me.

Basically I just want an arduino to act as an interface to a database. I want it to connect via wifi or eth to a database and log all input values to a table, and read tables that would correspond to what it should put on its output pins.

So for instance all of the analog input pin values could be logged with timestamp to database.table_Analog_In.

For another instance, let's say digital output pin is either on or off, it would read the database and take the most recent row in database.table_Digital_Out, and if that value is 0 make it's output pin 0.

It should be pretty easy, but I'd like to be able to configure the database and table names and connection parameters easily. Perhaps a USB flash drive could store those parameters, that way reconfiguring the device would be as simple as removing the thumb drive, editing a text file, and plugging it back in.

Please reply back to this thread with a bid for how much you would charge to do this for me. I am all for supplying hackers / makers with some beer money!