Need help programming

I am fairly new at using Arduino and have been having a hard time programming my Arduino for a project I am doing. All I have is an old R/C car and a Futaba FP-4NBL am 4 channel transmitter and receiver. What I wanted to do is use the Futaba transmitter and receiver to control the R/C car. The R/C car has two motors. One on the back that is used to drive and one in the front for steering. The trouble I am having is programming my Arduino mega 2500 to do is take the signal from the receiver and convert them so I would be able to control the R/C car. If you want to see any pictures type the name of this post: use Arduino to control R/C inputs and outputs? Any help and example(s) would be appreciated.

So you want the arduino to become the motors speed controller? Why? To buy a speed controller will be much cheaper than using the mega. If its to learn about arduino's, you could choose a simpler project to start with :)


I'd recommend scrapping the 'motor' controlling the steering (if that's what it actually is) and replace it with a conventional servo. And I agree it would be sensible to solve this problem using plain old off-the-shelf RC components; nothing here calls for an Arduino.