Need help regarding this project.

To make both customers and super markets life easier we planned to make an embedded electronic trolley with integrated chip and sensors that would come along with this display this would make customers life convenient and time saving while the supermarket will get attraction from the customer.

In this i want to make future expansion as there should be number of cards is used in which the cost of products are given, and one RFID card want to use as balance card. In which balance in rupees will be placed.And the billing amount should be deduct from the card and also it should be displayed on LCD.

So, its a kindly request to you,to help me out and want code regarding above problem.

You are asking for us to design a complete system without offering to pay lots of money.

Good try but no thanks.


I'm not sure what type of card you want to use, what information it should contain, and how to write that information onto the cards. AFAIK RFID cards are read-only, programmed at the factory.

How do you want to read multiple cards, i.e. one card at a time? AFAIK this would require that the customer places each item in front of the reader, for reading just that card.

sir my project is ready i just want to improvement in my coding,i want to add onr rfid card as a payment card

Have a look here - this guy has a very similar-sounding problem, and a very identical IP address.