Need help replacing internal circuity servo motor

So in the process of trying to save a servo I've destroyed it's internal circuity. After some soldering I now have a servo with 5 wires coming out if it, 3 for the potentiometer and 2 for the DC motor, both the motor and the potentiometer work just fine. So now it's a dc motor with analog position feedback, but I want the servo functionality back. I could use an arduino to restore it's functionality according to this guide: but I'm wondering if there is a more elegant method like soldering everything to a certain type of chip. Does anyone have any idea?

I can't see how it could be worth the time to do anything except buy a new servo - they are very cheap.


I think it would be a fine project. You can experiment with different gain factors to see how quick you can make the servo move before it becomes unstable.

But, if the intent is to make it a useable servo for a project, then just buy a new one. While there obviously are dedicated chips available for servo manufafturers to use, they're not fun for a hobby to experiment with.

I am reminded of this project: