Need help selecting an arduino board please

Hi all I am new to arduino and need some assistance getting started. I have created a microdroplet using a gated circuit and power that with a function generator and dc power supply. However, I would like to replace the function generator with an arduino. And would like for the arduino board to do the following:

output a pulse wave with an amplitude of 5Vpp(voltage peak to peak) , frequency of 10 kHz and pulse width of 7 microsecond.

What I would like to do is tell the arduino run for T number of seconds (example 10 second) and run with the above mentioned pulse width.

Any suggestions. Thank you

Any arduino board can do that.

You do need to manipulate the registers directly to set the timer (I'd use timer1) to do that.

Use something with a crystal, not a resonator, if the timing needs to be precise.

Thank you very much for the guidance !

Is 0 to +5V 5Vpp in your vocabulary? Or is it -2.5V to +2.5V. For the latter you will need some additional hardware.

If 0 to +5V is OK, be aware that not every Arduino runs on 5V (some are 3.3V devices); in that case you need (again) some additional hardware as the output will be 3.3V.