Need help setting up WiFi (esp8266) on my Uno

Hey guys. First time posting here and first time I bought an arduino Uno. I bought a WiFi module (esp8266 v1) This one.

I am not sure on how to connect it. I have researched about it prior to buying this is and I think I may have confused myself. Most of the tutorials I've seen are using USB to TTL (?) in their set up.

I have an arduino Uno and would like to connect this with the WiFi module and send a HTTP POST method to my server using it. Would I need an additional component (level logic converter) or would I be able to do it with just my Uno? I've seen a tutorial where it was only an Uno used but a lot of people advised against it..

I also plan on connecting a GPS module along with the WiFi module.. will the Uno be able to handle this?

Thanks guys :)

Update =

Followed this guide since it only uses the wifi module and the Uno board:

I can see an OK status after typing in AT in the serial monitor (can someone explain what this means?) but not sure how to post a HTTP request. I'm not even sure if my firmware is latest.

EDIT 2= I've got the same setup as this guy here: And I am able to see the list of available networks so that means my set up works. I've tried sending a http request to my server but that doesn't seem to work. This is the error I am getting: but the answer over there is that the code linked was for the esp8266 directly, and not controlling it through the Uno.. how do I send requests through the Uno via the module?

I quit using the AT commands within 10 minutes of getting my first ESP to work. Doing anything useful is just cumbersome with the AT commnds. This guide will get you going with programming the ESP and the Arduino IDE. There are several examples in the guide for connecting the ESP with a network. Then connect the Uno with software serial or I2C to get data to the ESP (if you still need the Uno).

A NodeMCU or WeMos D1 is $2 more on ebay than a bare ESP-01, and could replace the Uno and ESP. Don't understand why people still buy the ESP-01. Leo..