Need Help Shrinking Sketch to fit on Arduino Diecimila


I was wondering if there are any forum members who would be willing to devote some of their time to a task that I cannot. No real Arduino programming skills and I am trying to find a way to shrink a sketch that has been created by another person.

I have an Ardunio Diecimila and the sketch was originally written with the Uno in mind.

The sketch is to be used with an automated Sprinkler controller that interfaces with a home automation hub (SmartThings).

The sketch can be found here smart_sprinkler/Arduino_8_Zone_Irrigation_Controller.ino at master · d8adrvn/smart_sprinkler · GitHub

I emailed the original author who instructed me to try and shrink the sketch.

I will also attach the .ino file to this posting.

Any help would be much appreciated.


_8_Zone_Irrigation_Controller.ino (19.3 KB)

I have been able to COMPILE the sketch , but uploading to the Diecimila fails.

Shrinking code by very much can be very time consuming, and sometimes just not possible. If you can write assembly, you might have better luck. But why the fixation on the decimilia? You can buy little tiny versions of the Arduino, like the Nano, for about $2, and they're only twice the size of a postage stamp.

I see. Well I already have 2 Diecimila boards and was hoping to use those for the Sprinkler Automation project. I will just have to order an Uno as that is what was used for the original sketch / program.

You could just get ATmega328p chips to put into your diecimila. Instant doubling of program space and RAM!