Need help sourcing a IC temperature sensor


I am looking for an ic with temperature sensor built in. What I really need is a SMD IC that I can use to measure the temperature of a PCB pad. This means that the IC has to have some pins to conduct the temperature inside the IC, then the IC will output a ADC (0 to 5) or analog (0 to 5) signal. The IC I need has to be very small and preferably have Vcc, GND, and Signal. In addition to these pins it should have one or more pins to conduct the heat of the pad I am trying to measure inside the IC. The temperature range I am looking for is -40 to 100 degrees Celsius.


Depends on your interface. I use the TC77 from Microchip. It'll do -55°C to +125°C

It's an SPI device.

I don't think it's exactly what you're after with respect to a pin connecting to the item to be measured. I use it to monitor the inside of an enclosure that has a hardware video encoder so generates a fair bit of heat.

It will take more than just an IC, but any silicon junction can operate as a temperature sensor. That is well within the range. A dual op amp can handle removing the offset and amplifying the signal, then just read it from an analog input on the Arduino.

A diode or a transistor with Base and Collector connected, a constant current or simply a resistor from Vcc will drop around 600mV, depending on current and the particular device, and will go down by 2mV per degree Celsius.

Or use an NTC Thermistor or a thermocouple directly attached to the pad using thermally conductive adhesive.

Thanks for the replys.

I found my answer: MCP9701 from microchip or TC1047 from microchip or LM60 from TI