Need help -- TFT screen not doing what it's supposed to

Hi guys.

I’m having a bit of trouble. I have the 2.8" TFT Touch Shield Screen V2 (’’_TFT_Touch_Shield_V2.0) and I’m trying to get it to work. I found all the libraries needed on adafruit and I installed them, changed the folders names as I was told to and put it in my libraries. They show up and I’m supposed to run graphicstest with the screen plugged to an Uno and it said something is supposed to show up on the screen but it just stays white and never changes what it shows. Just a white screen at all times. I need help as quick as possible, my project needs to be done by Friday and I have yet to figure this out… Thanks!

Hi aimek17, and welcome.

Your professor probably forgot to tell you to start on time, not in the last week (or did he ?). Instead of panicking, and writing your first post, you should have taken a few minutes to read up on how to use this forum (click !), so you can ask your questions in the proper and most effective way. Would have saved you time, as now you have to type another reply to your own thread, to explain more.

Perhaps you could also tell about why you are using an Adafruit library for a Seeedstudio product that seems to have its own library and examples, did you try those ?