Need help to convert and display image with TFT-eSPI library, screen 1.8


I'm using the TFT-eSPI library who works fine. I can run all the exemples on mu TFT 1.8.

My problem is that I not able to encode a picture 160 * 120 to be displayed correctly.

I read a lot of things on Internet about it, and I use the "LCD image converter" to encode my jpeg picture on 8 bits and copy past the encoded table in the exemple provided.

When I try that , I have a white screen because I probably have a stack overflow .! ..... The CPU is rebooting on loop.

Is someone has already used TFT-eSPI to push his own image on the exemple ???

Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

A little up ! ?

Why ?

To have some help !

You can decode jpg, the format and mechanism is public.

I have no idea if the system you are using is capable to do that (RAM, code space, speed, ).

You could also convert your jpgs with an image manipulation program like GIMP,
cut and resize, export as BMP, or whatever format you are able to display.

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