Need help to find a connector

Hi, forgive me for my bad english.

I’m trying to find the connector attached to this post.
Any idea where i could buy some of them ?


Is there nothing on the connector to identify it?

Try Phoenix Contact.

I am not sure where you are from but you can find them here:

no part number on the one already connected :confused: . It's a connector for a ravelli heating.

@dougp: no, there is nothing marked on it
@bluebirdsoftware: it seems that it is exactly that. But I have to check the size with the one thaht I already have

I will check it ASAP. Thanks !

Ops pics.

pcb pluggable connectors
Tom.. :slight_smile:

Yeaaah I found a part number : AW 230-16 on one face and CRF 3.5 on the other one.

But I can't find anythong with this part over the net yet :cry:

@TomGeorge: tahnks !! I have now a lot of hits !!

try google

pluggable terminal block 3043

Tom.. :slight_smile:

ok found on farnell. Thanks to all for your help !!

Appears to be the same as KF2EDG.