Need help to get gsm.h with softwareserial.h library

Recently i bought an arduino gsm shield and an adafruit gps shield, im using the softwareserial library along with the TinyGPS library to get lat and long, now i want to use the gsm shield to send that information using an http post to my server. The problem is that when i include both libraries together they don't work because the gsm library implements its own softwareserial which uses the same interrups as the ones in software serial.

So my question is, is there a way to fix this?, will the gsm shield work if i try to connect manually to the internet? such in the first sketch example found in this page

Im new to arduino and i've been having a hard time, i've tried to solve this problem using the solutions found in this other page, in which i commented some interrups in the SoftwareSerial.cpp and the GSM3SoftSerial.cpp with this solution both libraries compile well but when i try to connect to the internet using the gsm library it just don't do it.

Thanks in advance for the help, hope that someone can point me in the right direction. :.