need help to jump over a part of program inside loops

Hi, Guys!

I'm testing a program, and I'd like to jump over a part, but using GOTO was unsuccesfull... Can You recommend me a good solution?

... void setup() { ... // Setup the LCD ++++++++++++++++++++++ myGLCD.InitLCD(); ... myGLCD.clrScr(); // ... // I WOULD LIKE TO JUMP OVER THE NEXT LINES //

myGLCD.setColor(97,178,94); myGLCD.fillRect(0,0,150,100); myGLCD.setColor(255,255,102); //élénksárga myGLCD.print("Tbelso:",20,10); myGLCD.print("oC",70,50); //ADAT 30,50-től myGLCD.setColor(65,81,10264); myGLCD.fillRect(150,0,300,100); myGLCD.setColor(255,255,102); //élénksárga .... myGLCD.print("LADA VAZ 21925",100,240); delay(1000); //



void loop() { .... }

Thanks: rcph

Under what conditions would you like to "jump over" the section of code ? If you never want to execute that section of code then delete it or comment it out

I note that despite the thread title the code that you want to "jump over" is not in a loop

Hello, Bob!

Yes, I know the commenting method, but I'd like to make it easier...

I tried to use GOTO, but my attempt was unsuccesfull:

... goto NEXT;

.... NEXT: ...

I did something wrong, but I don't know, what?

Yes, I know the commenting method, but I'd like to make it easier...

Easier than commenting the code ? Delete it

OK, thanks.

If you do not want to delete it :

[u]A Guide to Commenting Blocks of Code in the IDE[/u]

1 - select the block of code to be commented 2 - press Ctrl and / on the keyboard

Thank You very much!