Need Help to know the process of task working

I'm in a project and I need to know following things...

First have to get real time clock values using RTC module. (It is done)

Then I have a Bluetooth module and an ESP-32 module.

Task is to save the generated RTC values in serial monitor to a notepad, using a Bluetooth module or ESP-32. with Arduino Uno board

I need to know how to do this task. The way of programming it.

Can you guys help me to complete this task?

Is this a class assignment?

No, it is for my fun project of making a smart sprayer

Too vague, also you are posting in programming questions, do you have a code and a specific programming question?

Date and time was collected using DS3231 RTC module.
then I need to,
Save the real time clock module readings to a notepad, in laptop via ESP-32 module using Arduino.

So, I need to know how to program this process to get results.

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