need help to make a game controller usable for PC

Hello everyone,

first of all, i'm REALLY a newbie in this whole electronic thing, but i'm very interested and i bought a arduino recently to learn. so dont judge me, okay? :P

i also want to have this done. i want to make a special wii game controller usable for PC. in other words, the arduino should get the current state if its pressed or not. its a drum controller for a music game (its like the drums from the game drum rocker)

i disassebled the drum and inside, it looks like this:

the wire on the right side goes to a wii controller, its a extention like the nunchuck where it also get energy. i cut the wire on the right side on the end. i don't know if you guys can read it, but on the right sides, the pins are labeled as GND (ground) GND (ground) SCL (datastream?) SDA (datastream?) DET (DET = detection?) VDD (power)

i put the VDD wire to the 3.3V port and GND to GND (doh). and SCL, SDA, DET to the analog port. then i tried to read data from SCL, SDA and DET. all of them give "685~687" no matter if i press on the sensor or not.

how can i get this to work?

thank you guys

I love your enthusiasm, but you have to slow down a bit.

The best thing to do, is to find a project that someone else has made like that.

There are so many possibilities, so we have to know what you want to achieve.
Do you want the Arduino to emulate key or mouse presses for a computer ?
That is possible with the Arduino Leonardo, and Micro and Esplora. ← be sure to have a look at this one

Or do you want a wii compatible Arduino ?

The SDA and SCL are a I2C bus. In the Arduino it is often called ‘Wire’.

I thought Wii controllers worked via bluetooth don't they? You might be able to avoid a great amount of pain looking at doing this without a microcontroller.