Need help to make my device wireless

I have an Ardiuno device that uses sensors such as a light sensor, pressure sensor, along with moving motors. The interface of the program is written in C# form format and can send commands and receive data through serial port. I added a WiFi shield along with a WiFly on top of the shield. I need to make it possible to have this data be sent wireless.

I am able to edit the code as necessary but right now I really have little clue on where to start.

How I imagine it is having a host to be able to run the C# program to control the ardiuno project over the internet, so they don't have to be on the same connection or anything.

But for now I want to be able to click the go button on my program and have it do the same functions but with wireless capability over the same network (ie router.) I also have an Ethernet shield that I have been testing with.

I just need to be pointed in the right direction right now, thanks for all your help in advance.