Need help to program in Arduino

Hi all

I am working on designing my robot using Arduino kit and the diagram below shows the scheme of total design , first I wrote the code of Planner algorithm and fuzzy controller separately (each one with its “void setup() {}” & “void loop() {}” functions) using Arduino language and then the verification of these two codes is done successfully without any errors . Now I need help to combine these codes in one code which will be the final code that should upload it on the Arduino kit so that I could perform exactly what is in the diagram below, as you can see below that the output of Planner algorithm is the input of fuzzy control and the Planner algorithm and fuzzy controller inputs share the sensors reading . What will be the inputs and outputs of final code and how could I relate Planner algorithm code with fuzzy controller?

Many thanks

anyone could help ? please =(

Help with what? There's no detail.

This demo about merging codes might give you some ideas.