Need help to read ethernet signals

Hi guys, I am a beginner in Arduino programming. Recently, I started a project for making a powerline adapter. For this is I planned to use an Ethernet Sheild (W5100) and a powerline communication module (kq330). I learned how to communicate via the powerlines. However, I couldn't find a video nor an article that shows how to read ethernet signals. If it is possible to read ethernet signals with an Arduino, can anyone of you suggest a way do so?


You can find tutorials and documentation here:

Thanks for your reply Pert, but I have visited the page before still, I couldn't find a solution. Can you suggest any other way?


Can you explain what you mean by read Ethernet signals? The point of the ethernet shield is that it does all the processing of the Ethernet signals for you. Remember that Ethernet runs at either 10MHz, 100MHz or 1GHz generally that means signals need processing at much faster rates than an Arduino can handle normally.

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