Need help to run the Bridge on (USB CDC) Serial rather than Serial1

I have an Arduino Leonardo connected to my OpenWrt-based router via USB. On the OpenWrt router, I have installed the Arduino-related components of Linino as documented on Install Arduino Yun (Linino) software on OpenWrt on 3rd-party devices. TODO: Fully automate install and/or use Linino rootfs image and/or build own firmware using OpenWrt Image Generator. CAVEATS: I have not yet found out how to make the Bridge use Serial (USB) instead of Serial1 (HardwareSerial) for the Leonardo. I have asked a question about this on · GitHub - this setup works for other Arduinos but not for the Leonardo so far, since the Bridge library is using Serial1 rather than Serial (which I would want) on the Leonardo.

I would like to use the Arduino Yun's Bridge library and run it on an Arduino Leonardo, but rather than using the hardware serial RX/TX pins I would like to communicate over the USB CDC serial connection.

At the end of Bridge.cpp I find:

// Bridge instance
#ifdef __AVR_ATmega32U4__
// Leonardo variants (where HardwareSerial is Serial1)
SerialBridgeClass Bridge(Serial1);
SerialBridgeClass Bridge(Serial);

I change this to:

// Bridge instance
// Port which normally prints to the Arduino Serial Monitor according to pins_arduino.h
SerialBridgeClass Bridge(SERIAL_PORT_MONITOR);

But now I get:

libraries/Bridge/src/Bridge.cpp:244: error: no matching function for call to 'SerialBridgeClass::SerialBridgeClass(Serial_&)'
libraries/Bridge/src/Bridge.h:94: note: candidates are: SerialBridgeClass::SerialBridgeClass(HardwareSerial&)
libraries/Bridge/src/Bridge.h:92: note:                 SerialBridgeClass::SerialBridgeClass(const SerialBridgeClass&)

In Bridge.h I find:

// This subclass uses a serial port Stream
class SerialBridgeClass : public BridgeClass {
    SerialBridgeClass(HardwareSerial &_serial)
      : BridgeClass(_serial), serial(_serial) {
      // Empty

    void begin(unsigned long baudrate = 115200) {

    HardwareSerial &serial;

extern SerialBridgeClass Bridge;

Can you help me to make the Bridge work over (USB CDC) Serial rather than Serial1?

very nice! as long as support uno and mega will meet most person requirement.

Thanks sonnyyu, but I still would like to make this run with the Arduino Leonardo as well.

If anyone's still following this thread, I'm working on a way to do this.

Discussion is here: