Need help to set up wifi - problem (USB not recognize)?

I am trying to connect wfi ESP8266 with aurdino board ATomega328.
I provided the wifi module 3.3V using aurdino board 3v3 pin. I followed following link and did the connection.

I connected the aurdino with usb cable.
I can see constantly red light on wifi module and blue light blinking.
I see red light on aurdino andyellow and green light sometime going and then lightning up.

But PC showing USB unrecognized.
If I take off wifi module voltage then usb get recognize.
Can you help me to find out why usb not recognized?

I checked with multimeter , wifi module is getting 3.3V.

Which arduino board ATmega328 ?
Which ESP8266 ?
Most arduinos have a poor 3.3 volt supply and the ESP8266 is quite power hungry.
Most ESP8266 boards have not got 5 volt tolerant pins.

Thanks for your reply.

power is problem.
I supplied enough power and it worked