Need help to wire Led to Nano

Greetings I started this topic in the guidance section but I feel its best to conduct it here. I have a Nano 3.0 and I want to connect it to a 8x-key-8x-double-color-led-module.

The photos from left to right. nano 3, led, finished build.

I am seeking the explanation of which pins to attach the wires to on both devices to replicate the photo of the finished project. Thank you for any help.


This is an example for an UNO.

Should be helpful.

Just ask if you need more help.

Thanks for your help. I figured I should be patient and do more research on the info that was also kindly offered to me. I need some time due to my schedule to digest and apply all I have gleaned. I will surely be in touch with you and I'll keep you informed of my movements.

Again, many thanks on this. To others here: never give up. Youtube has a universe of data on all types of Arduino matter.