Need help to write a sketch.


I'm new to the world of arduino and now familiar with the very basics. The sketch I need written is to operate indicators and hazards on a car, from momentary switches. To be honest for the simple thing I need to do, it's taking up far too much of my time, so I'm better off offering/paying someone to do it. The sketch I require will have inputs for left, right indicator and hazards and operate exactly how a standard car would. (Left indicator to operate left, right to operate right, selecting either turns the opposite indicator off, and finally hazard input to operate both.) Blinking to be done NOT using the "delay" code, so I can run other programs. I've done a search and found similar sketches but nothing for just this requirement.
Inputs will be from de-bounced buttons hence 0v low, 5v high.. If these can be added to the sketch then great as it will reduce the pin in/out usage. Outputs requirement 0v And 5v again.

The rest of the circuitry I can deal with its just the writing of the sketch. I'm sure someone up to speed could write this with their eyes closed.

Please let me know if this interests anyone. Thanks.

Hi Kiwi

I've sent you a PM.