Need help ... Trying Siemens A52 LCD

Hi all,
I am a newbie in the Arduino World but have some knowledge on Electronics, programming (java, .net, linux and some scripting …)

Am trying to connect a Siemens A52 LCD to my arduino Uno, but am confusing and i need help, any help.

1- Hardware:
How to connect the LCD to my arduino
After some googling, i find pin wiring for the A52 LCD
Some articles says that the Siemens A52 lcd use the PCF8812 controller and that lcd must be drived by a2.9v

Q1: Can i use the arduino 3.3v pin for lcd vcc or should i add a voltage divider or some 317 regulator or separated power Supply (2 x AA 1.5v)

Q2: For other pins (clk, data, …) should use PWM pins? or any.

2- Software (libraries)

Q3: which LCD library should i use to get a correct display
Some topic like ( use successufully the U8glib but with mirrored displaying.
Any other ?

Thank you for any help.

Typing "Siemens A52 LCD" into Google reveals lots of people that have the display working - any reason for you to not follow their instructions, instead of go asking here?

// Per.

Thank you for ur reply Zapro. am just a newbie ... So some help is always welcome.

I have posted my question here after many googling.

But almost results is for driving this lcd by PIC or by Lpt and mostly in russian (translate)

therefore,i already connected the lcd t the arduino

-VCC > to 3.3v Arduino -CLK > PIN13 -GND > GND -MOSI > to PIN11 -D/C > to PIN9 -CS > to PIN 10 -VOUT > to GND by 1uf (polarized) -RST > to PIN8

after downloading the lib U8g2_arduino from github (olikraus) and using the "hello world" sketch by enabling the appropriate constructor.

U8X8_PCF8812_96X65_4W_SW_SPI u8x8(/* clock=/ 13, / data=/ 11, / cs=/ 10, / dc=/ 9, / reset=*/ 8);

after many attempts, no display.



I have at least tested u8g2 with this type of displays. I see the following possible problems:

  • It is not a PCF8812 display
  • Wiring is wrong
  • Display is damaged