Need help trying to make a 360 degree servo turn back and forth (IR remote)


Where are the servos getting power from? Post a link to the servos.

The servos are getting power from a 9V battery.

Servo link: Pololu - FEETECH FS90R Micro Continuous Rotation Servo

You can't run servos from a 9v transistor battery, voltage is too high and it can't supply enough current, you need a separate 5 or 6V supply that can supply 1 Amp per servo, also your servos are continuous rotation types with no position feedback so you can only control speed, not position.

Servos that have been modified to be continuous rotation or 360 servos can be driven CW or CCW.
Speed control may not be accurate, depending on the servo.

And as said above, 9V smoke detector batteries are useless for running motors.
How are you powering the arduino?

What are you making?