Need help trying to use motor driver

Hi there!

I needed to run a few heavy (12V) motors from my arduino, which couldn't be handled by my L293D motor driver, so I bought a new one here -

I got the driver delivered today, okay so it has 5 inputs for each pin, 5V, GND (both from Arduino ) and then a PWM, BRAKE and DIR. Documentation for the board is available on the link provided.

When I hooked it up to my Arduino, I provided the 5V and GND inputs, and a red LED lights up on the board. Next I attach a 8V battery pack, and a motor to the external power input and motor output respectively. Finally I attached the PWM and DIR pin to pins 8 and 9 on the Arduino (UNO). There after I uploaded this test code - P.S- E1 is the PWM pin and LeftMotorForward is the DIR pin.

int LeftMotorForward = 8; int E1 = 9;

void setup() { pinMode(LeftMotorForward, OUTPUT); pinMode(E1, OUTPUT); }

void loop()

{ digitalWrite(E1, HIGH); digitalWrite(LeftMotorForward, HIGH); delay(1000); digitalWrite(LeftMotorForward, LOW); }

The code got uploaded but nothing happened. My motor didn't move. What mistake I am doing? I can't understand the documentation very much.

And what should I do to use this driver to its fullest?


If you are using E1 (pin 9) in PWM mode you will have to use analogWrite instead of digitalWrite and also give it a number (0-255) to tell it what time ratio to run at. Take a look at "analogWrite()" in the Arduino reference.

Also your code sets "LeftMotorForward" HIGH for 1 second then sets it LOW and immediately the loop goes back to the start and sets it HIGH again so it is LOW for only a very very short time. Is this what you wanted?