Need Help understanding Language.

I'm new to arduino and need some help learning the language and how to write the code for a specifc task I have been assigned at work. would really appriciate any tips or help in this area.

Task: We have to create a manikin with moving arms with signage attached that move up and down depending on a signal recieved from a speed radar gun, and we want to control all of the triggers from the gun as an input into the micro controller and then go out its respective digital output to a motor in the shoulder of the manikin which will push either arm up and down. ( this is just a time filling assignment given to us apprentices with absolutely no experience in microcontrollers, hence the reason we need any help possible.)

basically I want to write the code for the microcontroller to recieve two different inputs as triggers to send a signal to two different outputs which then go out to each motor. :fearful:

Start by looking at the learning section of and study some of the examples bundled with the arduino software.

What kind of signal is sent from the speed radar?

we don't have the radar yet, so won't know the signal until we get it.

Ok - you don't yet know the Arduino programming language, but you know you have two inputs, and you know you have two arms to move up and down. Thomas' suggestion was a good one - but rather than trying to learn everything, let me suggest this:

Try writing out all the steps as if you were teaching a very feeble-minded trainee to fill in for the manikin until your gee-whiz Arduino controller is ready to take over...

Then go over to the learning section and see what you can find to (perhaps) do the steps your trainee has been doing. If you aren't sure, but suspect that something you've found might help, come to the forum and post the most succinct question you can. Answer quality depends on question quality.

I'll suggest (maybe) first and second items for your list of steps:

1 - open eyes

2 - Look for approaching traffic.

3 - ...