Need help uploading sketches through ICSP on UNO

I am attempting to create my own board that utilizes the Atmega328p and would like to be able to add a 6 pin header just like the UNO so I can quickly be able to burn the bootloader followed by uploading a sketch.

Atmega328p already has bootloader,and will successfully run a sketch.. at this point I am only looking to upload a sketch via ICSP.

What I have tried so far without any success :frowning:

Upload Arduino ISP sketch to my UNO
~board set to UNO
~Port set to UNO
~Programmer set to ArduinoISP

Wiring ICSP Header pins from Arduino to Atmega328P pin:
VCC - 5V
MOSI to pin 17

MISO to pin 18
SCK to pin 19
Reset to pin 1 (no resistor to 5v)

Opened sketch I would like to upload
~Board (I've tried UNO and Duemilanove)
~Processor Atmega328P
~Port UNO
~Programmer Arduino as ISP

Then clicked "upload using programmer" under sketch, which returns this message:

avrdude: Yikes! Invalid device signature.
Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
this check.

Any suggestions on what I need to change to get this to work? Or are the TX and RX pins the only ones that can be used to upload sketches when the chip is off of the board?

You can definitely do this and the wiring connections you mention are correct.

Does your board have a crystal or resonator connected to the ATmega328P?

Yes I have a 16hz crystal "installed" and the Atmega328P (not on a UNO) will run a sketch just fine.

I can upload sketches via TX1 and TX0, without a chip installed on the UNO, but I don't want to add two more pins to my board. I really want the easy access of the 6 pin ICSP.

Try connecting a 10 uF capacitor between the reset and ground pins on the Uno you're using as an Arduino as ISP.

Just tried it, unfortunately same error code.

If anyone finds this thread, I was able to get it to work with switching the reset pin to Digital pin 10 on my Programming board. After this switch it works flawlessly.

I had to cut out cable number 5 from my 6 pin ribbon cable and solder a header pin to it .