Need HELP! Urgent! Interfacing for Attiny with Bluetooth to Dim an Led

Hello Everyone,
I Need Help for make a Attiny Bluetooth Led Dimmer via App Inventor and SoftwareSerial.
I am Wiring the BLuetooth Module like this RX–>TX , TX–>RX
I am also using Attiny at 8mhz internal

And the Code is :-

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial BT(4,3); // 4 RX 3 TX.
int  led = 1; // Pin LED Red

void  setup ()
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
void  loop ()
    while (BT.available ()> 0)
        int brightness = (); 
          analogWrite(led, brightness);

App inventor File is :-

Please Need Help Fast. :’(

Did it work?

Please Need Help Fast. :cry:

Help On What Exactly?

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December 2014 - doesn't sound that urgent to me