Need help using an IR reciever I pulled off an old Web TV unit

The IR receiver in question is a bit different from what I've seen in pics of receiver before. It has an oval shape and is mounted on a small PCB with 4 of those small SMD resistors. It's got 3 pins like usual though. What I need some help with is the voltage. Since its from an old machine, a data sheet is going to be very hard to find if it even exists. Any ideas for testing it to find out what kind of voltage to put through it? And is reading its values as easy as hooking it up to an analog input pin and using Serial.println? Here is a pic: (I know its blurry, but you get the idea). Thanks!

It looks like a standard 3 pin receiver. It is likely to be 5V but you will need to sort out what way round it is. You can get that from the context of the unit you extracted it from. The data format will be the same as shown here:-

Thanks grumpy_mike! very informative post. and to the guy above me, I know you probably don’t care because its a throw away account, but reported for spam.

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