Need help using e32-433t30d lora module with arduino uno.

I have one e32-433t30d and one e32-dtu-433l30 and i am trying to transmit using the dtu which is connected to the pc to the e32-433t30d connected to Arduino.
I have gotten the dtu to transmit and i can tell it is transmitter because the tx led blinks every time i send something but I am unable to make the e32-433t30d transmit or receive
Here is the code i am using to receive the signal:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#define M0_PIN D7
#define M1_PIN D8
#define AUX_PIN A0
#define SOFT_RX D10
#define SOFT_TX D11
SoftwareSerial softSerial(SOFT_RX, SOFT_TX);
void setup() {
digitalWrite(M0_PIN, LOW);
digitalWrite(M1_PIN, LOW);
while (!Serial) {


void loop() {
if (softSerial.available()) {

if (Serial.available()) {