Need help using Paul Stoffregen SerialFlash library - Teensy 4.0

Hello, im trying to log some sensor data to a winbond chip and im having issues using the SPIMemory and SPIFlahs libraries and found the Paul Stoffregen library to work with my chip.

However, simply creating a file and logging sensor data to it is not very straightforward, I’ve been over the example code and GitHub page and still can’t make sense to use the library correctly.

I’m using a teensy 4.0 and a winbond W25Q64FV chip, the teensy can talk to the chip and the examples work however I need to create my own program

The sensor used is a BMP388 (Basically a BMP280) barometric sensor and I need to store the data to my flash chip, then save it to an SD card.

Please I’ve been trying for months, any help would be appreciated

many thanks :slight_smile:

Wiring problem? Do you use a module (which one) or a home brewed board?

For others, see also Storing sensor data to Winbond chip

@harveyn4444 is this the same issue you posted about in the storage forum?

@markd833 Yeah
@sterretje I created that other forum post, its not a hardware issue, purely software but I just can’t seem to put it together

thank you