Need help, What parts to buy for build

Hello experts,
I`m new here and would like to start with Arduino. Can you please help me with the parts I need to buy in order to start learning and building.

I would like to build Home Surveillance Box containing sensors for movement, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, smoke and gas sensor, flame sensor and moisture sensor.
I would like to have a display for showing some of parameters (temperature and humidity, gas presence).

Also it would be great if I could somehow send this data online (WiFi module or similar)

Can you please tell me which parts I should by in order to start my learning and building my first arduino. I know its a massive task for newbie but I have patience i time.

Thank you in advance for helping newbie. :slight_smile:

An Arduino Uno is a good all purpose learning board.
Get a breadboard to assemble the project.
You will also need connection wires. You can use ready made with pins or plain hook up wire.
Get some LEDs and general purpose transistors such as 2N2222.
Also a selection of 1/4 W resistors from about 100 to 100k ohm.
LDRs can be used to sense light.
A relay shield will also be useful.

It is going to take awhile before you are able to do the project you want. There is a lot of learning to do.
Start with simple tasks like turning a LED on and off, then add a button to control the LED.

There is a lot of information under the Learning tab at the top of the page.

The most important part is enjoy! Don't give up, ask and we will assist.


Thank you for your assistance and advice. I wont give up, I made my mind and until I make this work there is no quitting.

I asked about parts because I want to order them online. It sometimes takes more than a month to get them delivered, so I wanted to save some time waiting for them while learning.

Thank you weedpharma for you help in a future :slight_smile:


the project you have in mind sounds like a great starter project.

there are lots of humidity sensors, and temperature sensors.
pick a couple and get them. don't concentrate too much on getting the best ones as you will find that learning is part of the project and just getting one to work is a skill.

you mentioned motion, that is super simple because the output is on or off. you can buy professional units or hobby units. the professional ones have nice cases and work pretty much in the same way.

if you create a full list, looks like you started. move the above into phase-1, your leaning will be gradual.
move pressure, smoke and gas sensor, flame sensor and moisture sensor. to 4 or 5
phase-2 should be display. learn how to display what you have.
you might want to add an SD card to record events.
phase-3 could be send this data online (WiFi module or similar)

temperature, humidity and motion are great first steps
adding display and wi-fi would be easy at that point as your whole project is still manageable.
once you get to that point, your research on how to choose sensors will be better, there are 3 manufacturers of gas sensors. they basically go from high power consumption, to near high power consumption to MEMS, minimal power consumption, with costs rising on each step.

you could add moisture, like a flood, sump-pump sensor early on.

I asked about parts because I want to order them online.

I understand this impulse.

However I think that you run the risk of changing your mind as your knowledge level grows. I suggest you start with an Uno and few LEDs and their current limiting resistors. That will allow you to learn a great deal. You can use the LEDs in place of lots of parts that just need on-off signals.

A few small push-button switches would be nice - but you can emulate them just by touching two wires together.

Planning and Implementing a Program

Thank you for all your advices. I`ll start from scratch, with led and switch. Yesterday I ordered a Arduino Kit from ebay:

That will wait until I learn basics. Just curious, is it possible to upgrade this kit with more sensor options later when I learn how to program (and is it complicated to upgrade).

Once more, thank you friends.