Need help, What parts to buy.

i am new to arduino, but not new to automatic controllers.
i built in the past a controller that control my fish tank using a unitronics V350.

i now what to built the same options that i have today; using the arduino.

i need some help with a list of thing to get started.

i want to achieve this options:

  1. water change base on days of week selection, start time and duration that the solenoid valve will open to drain water out.
  2. float switch (1/0 digital input) that determined if the level of the tank is low, if yes, its need to open another solenoid valve to fill water.
  3. light control, base on start hour and end hour.
  4. temp control, for heater and chiller. using a set Temp like 24C, if its got to 25C the chiller is ON until 24C and if the Temp got to 23C it will ON the heater until 24C.
  5. touch screen to be able to set all the Parameters for the controller, and of-curse to see whats ON and read input data like Temp, PH and so.
  6. i have a PH transmitter in my old controller, its 4-20MA output. but i am open to new things to read PH data, base on that data a solenoid valve should be open or close.
  7. log data reading on SD card in CSV format.
  8. Web Server to view the real time data from my iphone.

all the electricity like heater chiller light etc uses a 220V.
so i will need a relays.

this i what my unitronics V350 dose today, but i want to achieve the same thing with arduino, because i want to use the V350 as an automated house controller.

so what part list do i need to buy? i got lost with all the parts out there.
Thanks in advance.

part list so far:

  1. Arduino Mega 2560
  2. Mega Sensor Shield
  3. 3-pin cables how much will i need? +-?
  4. some leds to demonstrate the heater chiller valves etc.. about 15-20
  5. temperature sensor(DS18B20)

i have a PH probe what i will need to make it work with the mega2560?
which screen to buy?
i need any thing else to get started?


What are you using to control the valves? Servos? Motors?
Analog in pins to read thermometer.
How much voltage does the heater/chiller require?
How about a picture /online URL links to the products you have?
Do you want it to access the web on the phone or the phone itself?
Do you want the phone on wireless communication (emails/text messages) or wire communication (Serial)
→ you might want to take a look at some of the library choices
check out the DateTime library to use instead.

Some info on cables here:

Info on controlling power and relays here:

The 4-20ma sensor will need 24 V DC or so to drive it...


thanks for the replays

the chilleer, heater and selonoid valves (Open and close water or CO2) etc uses 220V and can be used as digital output with relays.

the valves are complete units that gets only a 220V

the PH transmitter uses anlog input of 4-20 MA and output of 24V with relay of 220V for the selonoid valve

i have another PH probe and want to try to use the pHduino what parts will i need for that?

i dont want to disassembly the V350 controller that i have now until i bulit the arduino controller because the V350 is working on my fish tank now, so i have to built from scratch.

ofcurse i will need to buy more staff to add in the futher. but i want to start with somthing...

lets say that for the start, i want this options:

  1. 2X light control

  2. Temp control using a temp sensur in the tank that controls the 220V heater and 220V chiller.

  3. PH control using pHduino what parts will i need?

  4. water change control drain water base on day of week, start time and duration of the drain.

  5. filling water digital input is a float switch.

  6. emails on errors like high temp or low water power off etc (wireless communication and celular moden with AT commands that i already have).

  7. logs of all the ON OFF of the heater chiller lights an reading of temp and PH.

pics of my V350 system i will post later today.

this is my webserver on the V350

so what is the final parts list that i need to buy including parts to configure the MEGA controller?

  1. Arduino Mega 2560

  2. Mega Sensor Shield

  3. 20X 3-pin cables

  4. leds to demonstrate the heater chiller valves etc.. about 15-20 they will need a driver resistors? which one?

  5. temperature sensor(DS18B20)

  6. RTC - which one?

  7. power supply - which one?

  8. pHduino - which parts i need?

  9. back up battery - which one will fit?

am i missing somthing?

which screen will fit? do i need a screen shield for that?

  1. 61-Bit WS2812 5050 RGB LED Full-color Drive Round Development Board - Free shipping - DealExtreme


which mega2560 and Expansion Board will do the job and more if i want to add stuff in the future?


or this two:


with one of this:





power supply:



PH probe:


Temp Sensor:








or this:


float Switch:


do you think i miss anything?
can i start ordering this items?
please advise about 1-6 items and 14 or 15 which should i buy?
all in this list will work together?
thank you.

any help will be appreciated.

please advise about 1-6 items and 14 or 15 which should i buy?
all in this list will work together?

Oferelijah, I was just curious how your project is going. I am doing something similar for my planted tank that started with controlling the LED lights, then added other functions. Now I am looking to add temp and pH monitoring. Any "lessons learned", pictures and/or schematics would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

i bught all the things on that list
but didnt find the time to finish the job..

i am taking my time on this..