NEED HELP!!! what to buy for project


I need your help. Wondering what to purchase to create sensor pads that when stood on triggers a audio/midi sound. Need at least 24-36 sensor pads. Also, never coded before.


You need capacitive pressure sensors and speakers. I haven't read this site in detail, but I think you would be very interested: You might have to build your own capacitive sensors. If you don't want to do that, you can buy some of the resistive pressure sensors mentioned in the link.

Also, never coded before.

This project seems simple (except for the MIDI sound effects), so an Arduino might not even be needed, just some circuitry. I can help with the circuitry design once you have a better understanding of what exactly you want to do.

If you really want to do MIDI sound effects, you will either need an Arduino with an audio shield and an external EEPROM memory chip, or buy a Raspberry Pi (HIGHLY recommended).

What is this project for? Is it an audible version of Twister? A cool museum exhibit?

I'll have a quick look. It seems I came across a project like this not too long ago, where a guy was asked to build a pressure sensitive floor where there were footstep sounds or something as people walked, for a fun house or something, if that rings a bell to anyone else?


Also, never coded before.

You need to "buy" either a programmer or a programming teacher.


Thanks for the reply and help.

It's for a musical did you guess.

I've been looking on here and thought the pressure sensors and the Music Sheild would work.

Have contacted Pimoroni for guidance but haven't been very helpful. They did suggest Pi.

I've used Piezo's with a drum brain and the possibly connecting the brain through midi to my computer and triggering audio sounds from Ableton. What I want is something more compact really plus I wanted the audio to keep playing until they released their foot from the trigger. It doesn't have to be midi, just audio.

Many thanks


Not sure if this will help at all, but this is the project I'd seen.